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The Importance Of Career Transition Coaching

Life can never be the same all the time.  Things change and they will never be the same again.  Sometimes change brings new opportunities and resilience.  Career transition is one such experience which can be unique to oneself.  Whether you have lost your job or you are looking for new opportunities, the fact remains that you are about to face a shift in your career; a transition which can at times be very difficult to deal with if you do not get the proper guidance.  Accordingly, it can be a boon or a curse in your career depending on your choice and your ability to cope with the new situation.  However, career transition coaching can ensure you a smoother transition with positive results.

A career transition coaching program is designed specifically to meet your unique situation beginning with self-discovery, help you find new perspectives, push beyond barriers and exigencies to achieve your goals.  You know that the new job responsibilities, new work environment, the new work culture and new colleagues; all together can make the new job very difficult for you if you have not been prepared to cope with it all.  This is where the career transition coaching comes to your aid.  It not only addresses your personal and emotional aspects of job transition but also guides you in finding the job direction that is most suitable for you.

If one is hiding in one’s career due to self imposed false barriers such as one may think he is too old to train for new avenues or not smart enough to take tougher challenges in life; a career transition can really be overwhelming for him.  In such situation, career transition coaching can help you discover yourself; special skills and talents.  It can shape your career based on your positive and strong points.   You know a wrong career choice can ruin your life whereas a right one can help you prosper like you had never thought of before.  Career transition coaching can not only help you to recognize your strengths but also will help you nurture those strong areas to move ahead in life.  For example; promotions are career transitions and it is normal to feel a mix of excitement and anxiety when promoted.  But, there is a point in having a career coach.  He can work on your performance anxiety, the tendency to overwork to control outcomes, the delegation dilemma, planning and organizing workload etc, and help you overcome the new situation.

Sometimes, people start to take career transition in a casual manner as they think that they can prepare themselves for the transition on their own, but, it is not true.  There is no substitute to experience and knowledge gained by a professional over a period of time.  They are the right people to aid you in shaping your future.  It is always better to be guided by an experienced professional than to experiment your own ideas and skills.  It is said that leaders of change are more effective when they are able to pay attention to their own needs within the transition.  It is the career transition coaching which supports senior executives as they grapple with complex change within their organizations.

The positive points about career transition coaching is that they are providing one to one teaching which can be very effective in building one’s confidence.  They can appropriately educate you and prepare you for various situations, for example; how to face questions in an interview and negotiate your salaries etc.  As such, they can help you with a thorough evaluation of the physical, emotional financial and professional aspects of your life.  Accordingly, they can instill new hope and faith in you to embrace challenges in life.